photoshop pen tool stroke
Adobe / July 28, 2018

photoshop pen tool stroke is a a book written by Arnousone Chanthalyxay on 21 May 2009, duly Updated on 22 June 2010. This book contains 24 pages and consists of 24 modules starting from Select “File”. The 2nd module is Make any adjustments. The 3rd module is Fill the background with black color. The 4th module is Select “Create A New Layer”. The 5th module is Select the “Pen Tool”. The 6th module is How to use the pen tool. The 7th module is Select the “Direct Selection Tool”. The 8th module is Create a basic shape. The 9th module is Work Path. The 10th module is Deselect the line. The 11th module is Copy the path. The 12th module is Paste the path. The 13th module is Free Transform. The 14th module is Rotate the shape 20 degrees clockwise. The 15th module is Press “Enter” or “Return”. In addition, the 16th module is Select the “Brush Tool”. The 17th module is Make any adjustments. The 18th module is Select a layer. The 19th module is Select the “Paths” tab. The 20th module is Select the “Work Path”. The 21st module is Select the “Stroke Path with Brush” icon. The 22nd module is Select the “Layers” tab. The 23rd module is Hide the shape outline. Last but not the least the 24th module is Finished Result….

magic wand attachments
Adobe / July 27, 2018

magic wand attachments is a book published by Jasc Software. This book consists of 6 pages and contains 4 modules starting from Open the photo. The 2nd module is Make a Selection. The 3rd module is Modify the Feathering. Last but not the least the 4th module is Change the Hue and Saturation of Selected Pixels. The knowledge of magic wand tool help you easily and quickly select the areas of image which none of the other tools cannot do. Now with the help of this tool you can handle any type of image without any difficulty with simple ease. The images are shown with clear examples on how to do it. About the magic wand attachments: Jasc Software is a company founded by Robert Voit, who is also the founder of Paint shop pro. This company was founded in 1994. The headquarter is in Eden Prairie, Minnesot, USA. The Jasc software company is a type of software industry. The key products of this company are Animation shop, Media center plus, after shop, Image robot, and webdraw. In addition the corel corporation has acquire the Jasc software which was ended in october 2004. Furthermore under the control of corel they acquire the basic…

c programming in linux pdf
Linux / July 22, 2018

c programming in linux pdf is a book written by David Haskins, published by bookboon in 2009. This book contains 84 pages and consists of 8 chapters starting from chapter one: HELLO WORLD. The 2nd chapter is Data and Memory. The 3rd Function, pointers, and structures. The 4th chapter is Logic, Loops, and Flow control. The 5th chapter is Database handling with MySql. The 6th chapter is Graphics with GD Library. The 7th chapter is Apache C Modules. Last but not the least, the 8th chapter is Ghost Project. At the end of the chapters there is a Conclusion. Before from starting the chapters this book has an introduction and how to setting up the system. About the Author of c programming in linux pdf: He was born in 1950 in Chelsea London. Since 1975 he was working in the computer industry. His first experience was mainframe hardware engineer for 5 years, after this he worked for British telecom for 14 years in London. While engaged with converting large quantities he discover the speed and efficiency of C language. In 1994 he was the lecturer at faculty of computing, information systems and mathematics at Kingston university, London. Moreover, this University comprises…

balaguruswamy java 4th edition pdf
Java / July 21, 2018

balaguruswamy java 4th edition pdf is a book written by E. Balaguruswamy, published by Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited in 1998. This book contains 357 pages and consists of 15 chapters starting from Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming. The 2nd chapter is Java Evolution. The 3rd chapter is Overview of Java Language. The 4th chapter is Constants, Variables, and Data Types. The 5th chapter is Operators and Expressions. The 6th chapter is Decision Making and Branching. The 7th chapter is Decision Making and Looping. The 8th chapter is Classes, Objects and Methods. The 9th chapter is Array, Strings, and Vectors. The 10th chapter is Interfaces: Multiple Inheritance. The 11th chapter is Packages: Putting Classes Together. The 12th chapter is Multithreaded Programming. The 13th chapter is Managing errors and Exceptions. The 14th chapter is Applet Programming. Last but not the least the 15th chapter is Graphics Programming. In addition, at the end of the chapters there is list a list of 9 Appendix. The 1st Appendix is Java Language Reference. The 2nd Appendix is Java Keywords. The 3rd Appendix is Differences between Java and C/C++. The 4th Appendix is Bit-Level Programming. The 5th Appendix is Java Class Library. The 6th Appendix is…

c programming exercises
Programming / July 20, 2018

c programming exercises is a book written by S. Anandamurugan by Laxmi publication pvt, Ltd. in 2011. This book contains 292 pages and consists of 7 chapters starting from C Concept. The 2nd chapter is Introduction – C Programs. The 3rd chapter is Fundamentals – C Programs. The 4th chapter is C Debugging. The 5th chapter is Sample Questions. The 6th chapter is Short Questions and Answers. Last but not the least, the 7th chapter is Questions. This book is proudly sponsored by University Science press working under the laxmi publication private limited. The complete details about the publisher is giving in the book with contact information and email address. About the author of c programming exercises: Dr.S. ANANDAMURUGAN is phd doctor, prior to his phd he had ME and BE in Information Technology. Dr. Anandamurugan has a 17 years of teaching experience. In these 17 years he has published 1 national journals, 33 international journals, 14 national conferences, and 6 international conferences. In addition he published a maximum of 77 books. Moreover, he has 1 funded research project and 1 funded programs. He won numerous awards during his life, being the latest one is Best Computer Science Faculty for year 2016 from ASDF, USA. He…