Popular Kinds of School Academic Papers

Whether you like it or not, as a student, you will be asked to do many assignments that you have never done before. But just because you have not tried it yet, it does not mean it will be hard. But the element of not knowing what it may be can cause a student some sleepless nights.

If you would like to be more prepared for what lies ahead for you in senior high school or college, then read on to learn about some of the different academic papers you will encounter.

  1. The analytical paper

This is a common paper assigned in class as it allows students to view the different angles of a problem. Here, one must analyze each viewpoint, presenting the facts, not the student’s opinion. When studying the research of others, the writer should go beyond the findings to look at other aspects such as the methodology.

  1. The argumentative paper

This kind of paper is often assigned when there is a controversial topic that has been discussed. The student must choose a side to defend but then present and analyze both sides of the argument. Just like the analytical paper, the argumentative paper is all about facts and not personal opinions or emotions.

  1. The report

In preparation for future work, some teachers may assign a report to be made. This may be done in a technical writing class or even in one of the business or accounting subjects. This is often about a situation in the workplace (e.g. observation about workplace procedures) or something connected to probable business acquisitions or recommendations.

  1. The compare and contrast essay

Many subjects may assign a compare essay to learn more about two different topics. In philosophy, these could be two different philosophical thoughts. In history, these could be different wars or empires or leaders. In management, these could be differing management styles or accounting methods.

  1. The interpretive paper

The interpretive paper requires the student to analyze the different components of a subject. This could be a work of art or literary piece, an event, or even a person. Thus, this is an assignment often given in humanities and literature, but it can also be a requirement in history or even philosophy.

  1. The reaction paper

One of the easier papers to get is a reaction paper. This is often given after a field trip, an event at school, or if there was a film shown in class. In this paper, the student often shares insights and reactions to what occurred. The nice thing about this paper is that not much theory is needed to back up your claims unless the teacher asks for you to link it to something learned in the subject.


So, though you might not agree that writing an essay is a good gauge of understanding a particular subject, you should still anticipate that your professors will assign at least one of the above essays during your stint in school. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the possible kinds and be ready to write a lot during the semester. Good luck!

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