How to Structure Your Abstract

The abstract is an important part of any research paper. This is the area to get your target audience hooked on your work. If you can do a neat job with your abstract; it will be easy to make your readers interested in your work. They will show the commitment to read through from the beginning to the end.

There are two approaches to getting the abstract. It is either you follow the path or descriptive or informative abstract. The abstract will appear in two places; we have the beginning abstract that appears in the introduction and the closing abstract that will be part will appear in the closing lines of your research paper.

In both cases, it is important to get the brief of the final draft of your outline before you pick your abstract. This should be extracted from the highpoints that you have in your outline. So what is the best structure that you can use to achieve the best abstract? We have you covered with the following tips:

Purpose and motivation

You must identify your purpose and motivation if you are to get the results that mattered. What gave you the inspirations to pick the topic? Why is the topic important to your field? What are the motivations that will make people read through your paper? These are questions that you have to clear in your mind if you are to achieve an excellent result in your abstract.

The problem you are addressing

Your abstract will not take the full weight if you are not able to explain the problem it is set out to address. The goal is to pose a better alternative to an existing discovery. When you can put this forward in clear terms without ambiguity; you are going to have the best results that will lead your readers to the path of knowledge that you wanted to share. 

Your approach

In very simple language; you are expected to allow your readers to understand your line of approach. The importance of the research should be clearly explained in the abstract if you want to create interest in your work in the minds of your readers.


If you want to get the desired attention to your paper; then you should give a summary of what is expected in the body of your paper. Give the highlights in your abstract and the readers will be challenged to go on with a desire to read through the entire paper with great expectations.


This should come up in the last section of a well balanced and structured abstract. Your limitations and the actual implications of your study must be stated here. When you are through with the outline of your abstract; it is important to revise it to correct all spelling mistakes and errors. You can give it to a friend to review on your behalf.

Final thoughts

The abstract of your research work must be given the attention it demands. This is where you get it or lose it. The tips above are valuable takeaways that will help give the results that call for cheer.

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