Great Topic Ideas for Psychology Research Papers

Are you looking for superb research ideas for your psychology research paper? Coming up with a good topic may seem more challenging than the actual writing of the reach paper. However, you can find a place to support you come up with the best as you plan your write up.

Coming up with a vital topic is the most important preliminary step in psychology research writing. Psychology is a vast discipline that you cannot exhaust all the information. Therefore, you need to find a subject that will enable you to gather enough information without getting overwhelmed. This article will help you find tips on choosing the best research topic idea in psychology.

Aim on a Specific Topic within the Branch of Psychology

The best way to find a topic to research is to narrow down to a specific area in psychology that will allow you to focus more on a particular subject. You should also ensure that you don’t go to the extremes that will hinder you from gathering enough information. For instance, if you decide to write on social psychology topic, you may further narrow down and focus on issues such as using persuasion in influencing human behavior.

Some examples of the topics to focus on including the following:

  • Discrimination and prejudice (such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.)
  • Attitude and person Perception
  • Marketing persuasion and propaganda.
  • Love attraction and romance
  • Leadership
  • Nonverbal communication

Research on Types of Therapy and Disorders

You can explore disorders you learned in a psychology class and their therapies. Such areas can give you a good topic to write on. Some of the best abnormal psychological conditions and their respective treatment to study may include the following:

  • Depression and eating disorders
  • Phobia
  • Borderline personality disorders schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorders
  • Classify a specific therapy type such as cognitive behavior therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, group therapy, etc.)

Select a Topic Linked to Human Cognitive

You can explore topics in areas such as thinking, decision making, intelligence, language, among others. Other examples of sites to focus on when searching for a topic on human cognition includes the following:

  • False memory and dreams
  • Attention and perception
  • Problem-solving
  • Speech disorder
  • Language

Try Selecting a Topic Linked to Human Developmental Psychology

You may try topics focusing on early childhood, such as social learning, childhood attachment, and language development. You may also get exciting issues on the psychological problems that affect older adults, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 

Other useful topics to look at may include the following:

  • Acquisition of language
  • Bullying
  • Children and media violence
  • Disabilities in learning
  • Children abuse
  • Styles used in parenting
  • Prenatal development
  • Gender roles

Criticize an Academic Journal or a Book

You may write a critique of an academic journal or a psychological book. For instance, you may criticize Sigmund frauds write up on the dream or try evaluating any other current book in psychology.

Academic and professional journals are excellent areas you may find an idea on writing a critique. You can visit your university library and search for the most exciting and recent scholarly article on psychology and do a review.

Write on a Historical Figure in Psychology

The easiest way of finding a good topic to write on is by looking at the historical figure in the psychology field. You can ground your paper on the historical life, professional history, bibliography of the individuals. Though such a document will be history, consider making it fascinating. Go for the famous historical figure such as Harry Harlow, Sigmund frauds to make it reach and captivate.


The above briefing gives you tips on maneuvering and finding the best topic to write on in psychology. Some learners may still find it challenging to get a good case. If you are not in the position of getting a topic, consider sharing it with your teacher.


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