Introduction to Research Paper Example

Students across the world come across assignments that deal with writing a research paper. The introduction to the text is one of the essential parts of it. It would be best if you crafted it so well to catch the attention of the reader. You will get introduced to some of the examples of paper introductions in this article.

Phases of Introduction

There are four broad phases of introduction, and each has its significance. There is a responsibility for each part.

Phase 1: Get Straight to the Point

The initial lines of your paper’s introduction will be the life or death of your essay. When readers fail to connect with your document, they will not have extra time reading the rest of it. As a writer, it is your sole responsibility to live to your readers’ expectations right from the start. Here are some of the tips to put into considerations;

  • Begin on a broad aspect, then proceed concisely.
  • Define your topic briefly
  • Put precision and clarity on your point
  • Avoid overstating
  • Do not input any history that is relevant to your research area.


Topic: Ford Motor Company, UK Business Report

Ford Motor Company Ltd is a company located in Europe that subsidizes Britain. The company put its foot forward in 1909 to become one of the forefronts of manufacturing plants worldwide. The company’s office got registered in Brentwood, Essex, and is currently the enormous commercial motorcar producing firm in the whole of Britain. Britain houses three of the most significant manufacturing units.

The above example on the report of Ford’s business illuminates that the writer began in a broader perspective by mentioning Ford’s journey and then dived right to the point of concern without giving the reader too many explanations on the history of the company. The writer hits the nail on the head from the very start. As a reader, you will get delighted to read the rest of the paper.

Phase 2: Explicate Integral risks. Let the reader know the purpose of your research

After giving a little nudge on the introduction, it is now time to get a little deeper. The section here tends to explain the relevant risks to the research area. Tell the reader your reasons for disagreeing with the argument in particular and your stance too. As you illustrate, be sure to provide reasons for choosing the research problem as the central area of your investigation. Here are the tips to compose the next room.

  • Note the risks connected to the topic
  • The reaction of people to the line of the subject
  • Look for content in the assumptions of the matter
  • Mention why you count on the arguments
  • Provide evidence to your opinion
  • Tell the reader how the research method will assist the society

As you jot the introduction, be sure to strike the readers’ minds and trigger their curiosity. In the best way you can, seek to find a unique niche of your research and present it to them. Here are some of the examples.

Topic: Strategic Management: A Case Study of Nestle

Following the malnutrition effect, the food production on milk got committed to checking on infants’ mortality rate. The product created somewhat inheritance that had shared value as it engulfed itself with the corporate business’s principles and values and rose to popularity in Europe. The company is pointed towards a humble and noble start as it is the leading wellness, health, and nutrition company.

The sample above clarifies how to come up with the second segment of a thorough introduction. It does that by finding the research niche and infuses an existing assumption that gets swiftly followed by the writer’s point of view on the subject. That is one great example of an introduction to a paper. You, therefore, have to follow it up with a strong thesis statement. The latter will act as the closing mark to the introduction paragraph. Consequently, you need to craft the introduction right to avoid missing out on the most critical factors.

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