How To Write An Introduction To A Research Paper

When it comes to crafting the best introduction for a research paper, sometimes students get lost in wide-array of thoughts. It is especially the case if you have always written more essays on advanced papers that require in depth research. Well, to help you have a strong grasp of how to write an introduction to a research paper, the first step is defining it. The catch here is that students should not write introductions for the sake of it. Rather, they should do so on the premise of grabbing attention of readers. Most importantly, a good introduction should help learners earn more marks.

This post will walk you through the basics of writing a good introduction. You may want to take a look at a response paper example, especially the introductory part and that’s okay. However, note that the first part of your college paper may vary in style and tone depending on the nature of an assignment or a project.

Defining Research Paper Introduction

For a novice in research paper writing, definition of a research paper introduction is vital. It is the first part of your paper that introduces readers into a written discussion, present or argument. A good introduction should contextualize a study so that readers can be wary of what to expect. However, introductory paragraphs to a response paper or a research should be brief, precise and concise.

Moreover, in this section, a student should echo the rationale of a study. Whether the research paper is a report premised analysis, investigation, or case study, you should set the record straight at this point.

Vital Aspects of a Good Research Paper Introduction

You have the best answer to a question of what is a response paper, but can you write a good introduction for it? Well, the following are critical aspects of a good introduction for a research paper:

  1. It Should Introduce a Study

    If your introduction does not introduce a study, topic or subject, you may be forced to redo it. The best introductions must introduce a topic, without which they are meaningless. With this information at your fingertips, how to start a response paper becomes an instant realization.

  2. It Must State the Rationale of a Study

    Another critical aspect of outstanding introductory paragraph for a research paper is rationale. Students must state the rationale of their studies of they want to get better grades. It includes the purpose of your study and what you aim to achieve with it. Whether your aim is to address a knowledge gap or solve a problem, state it clearly in the introductory part of your research paper.

  3. What Is Your Hypothesis/thesis?

    Hypothesis is the expected outcome of a study. Some scholars call it an intellectual guess. All the same, a good introduction for a research paper should have a hypothesis or a thesis statement. It summarizes everything about your study in clear and comprehendible terms.

In the end, every academic paper should have an introduction. The risk of omitting this part means your paper will lack meaning. From the introduction, a supervisor can tell whether your write-up is a research or an essay.

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