what is computer pdf

April 25, 2019

what is computer pdf is a book written by ACHARYA N.G.RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY. This book is written for STCA-301 Course. Furthermore this book has two main chapters. The first chapter is Theory. The second chapter is Practicals. This book consists of 55 pages. The part has 16 topics. The practicals part has also 16 topics. The official name of the book is Introduction to computer application. In addition this book can have an immanence knowledge of representation. Moreover this book have a good set of practicals. Lets explain the chapters of this books in details.

what is computer pdf

Chapters of what is computer pdf:

The following are the list of chapters:

1: Theory

  • Introduction computer:

Computer is an electronic device which can accept data and produce output. Data is the raw facts and figure. Information is organize form of data. A complete information is available in the book at the end.

  • Anatomy of Computers:

Anatomy of computer means the Input, output, and central processing unit. The anatomy also means block diagram of computer.

  • Overview of Output devices of Computer:

The output device are results shown on the screen. This part also discusses about the memory, processor, and speed.

  • Types of Software:

This chapter explain about the operating system and programming languages. This topic also explain the application program, classification, A good explanation of classification of computer is also introduce.

  • Operating System:

The operating system are the window, and DOS. The booting process is also explained in details.

  • Some fundamental DOS commands:

There are some commands which should be learnt before moving to DOS. These commands are FORMAT, LABEL, VOL, DATE. The CD, MD, and DIR are also some of the important commands.


The topic tell us about how start the computer, restarting. and sleep. This topic also discusses about file, folder, and GUI of the computer.

  • MSWORD::

The use of the word processing are one of the most important aspect of computer. This topic also explains how to create, edit, and saving the documents.


Ms excel is an electronic spreadsheet. This topic how to use a formula in excel. It also explain the use of cell and how to edit.


This topic will help you to create your personal database.

  • Internet:

The concept behind the internet and the world wide web (www).

2: Practicals

  • Study of Computer Components:

A good details about the booting process and shut down the computer.

  • Practice of some fundamental DOS commands:

A practice of how to execute the DOS commands is very important. This topic also execute or run the DOS commands which are explained in the theory portion.

  • Practicing WINDOWS Operating System:

The practice of how to use the operating system features is explain here. Like the use of mouse, keyboard, and other connecting devices. Also the use of copy and paste with examples is explain.


A practice of different word features is explain with examples. Likewise the practice of creating and saving the documents. Also how to create the tables and manipulate it. In addition to it all of these features are in dept details.


The practice of how to use the formulas like sum, average etc. This practice also explains how to generate the graphs in excel.


The practice will help you how to create tables of database. This topic also help you how generate queries.

  • Internet Explorer:

The most important things are the use of browsers. So this practice will help you how to use the search engine.

Conclusion what is computer pdf:

Like the previous one computer information in marathi, this book explain everything which is necessary. This introduction computer notes pdf has both practical as well theory. This book can be also known as the basic knowledge of computer pdf download. The characteristics of computer pdf is well explained. This book has a basic computer training manual pdf. To conclude, this book has a rich set of information. So i recommend this book for all the reader.

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