nielit ccc book pdf

September 1, 2018

nielit ccc book pdf is a book written by nielit Bhawan in 2018. This book consists of 39 pages and contains 20 chapters starting from Introduction to Computer. The 2nd chapter is Microsoft Word. The 3rd chapter is Microsoft Excel. The 4th chapter is Internet Basic. The 6th chapter is Mail Merges? The 7th chapter is What is ISP? The 8th chapter is Word Processor. The 9th chapter is HTML. The 10th chapter is Power point. The 11th chapter is How many Row in Excel? The 12th chapter is How many Columns in Excel? The 13th chapter is Data Base? The 14th chapter is What is Super Script? The 15th chapter is RAM/ROM. The 16th chapter is What is FTP? The 17th chapter is Operating System. The 18th chapter is What is WWW?

In addition, The 19th chapter is What is Sub Script? The 20th chapter is IP Address. Last but not the least the 21st chapter is Extra.

nielit ccc book pdf

About the Author of nielit ccc book pdf:

Firstly, the National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) was previously known as DOEACC Society. This company is form in November 9, 1994. NIELIT has tried to show others how its done and is engaging youth through Skill Development and Capacity Building activities.” In his keynote address, Mr Prasad stated, “notwithstanding Digital Literacy the requests for skilling in fundamental Cyber Security ideas has likewise expanded complex, and NIELIT is fairly ready to address this test. For successful execution of expertise improvement programs including Government of India’s drives at PAN India level, NIELIT should endeavor to guarantee that it has nearness through no less than one possess Center in each state.” “We are progressing in the direction of changing India into a carefully enabled country, and granting advanced proficiency to the last mile of provincial India holds the key here.

In such manner, there is a requirement for deliberate endeavors by all partners for advancement of computerized installments to move towards a less money economy and NIELIT together with different associations is additionally contributing towards this vision.”

NIELIT is a key piece of the MeitY is occupied with Capacity Building and Skill Development of youth all finished India. With the option of another grounds, NIELIT has included another credit to its. Unexpectedly, NIELIT has PAN India nearness through 36 possess Centers and around 9000 preparing accomplices.

Through e-Content NIELIT expects to broaden its range particularly in those zones where there is deficiency of preparing offices. In continuation to the endeavors made by NIELIT to encourage partners through its collection of Online offices, an Online Accreditation Portal was additionally propell which would extensively diminish time and paper documentations for give of accreditation to private preparing foundations under a period tried PPP demonstrate.

Conclusion of nielit ccc book pdf:

Like the previous one ccc computer course notes pdf, this nielit ccc book pdf is a book written for basic of computer. This course on computer concept book pdf is useful for beginners to computer. Furthermore, the ccc course book pdf free download is mostly famous for its ccc courses. Similarly, this bpb publication ccc book pdf provide all the basic knowledge it also provide a list of mcqs. Lastly, this satish jain books pdf is providing a list of multiple choice questions which is useful for giving a computer test.

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