linux networking programming

February 7, 2018

linux networking programming is a book written by keir davis, john w. turner, and nathan yocom published by Apress in 2004. This book contains 388 pages and consists of 13 chapters starting from Networks and Protocols, than Functions, Socket Programming,  Protocols-Sessions and State, Client-Server Architecture, Implementing Custom Protocols, Design Decisions, Debugging and Development Cycle, Case Study: A Networked Application, Securing Network Communication, Authentication and Data Signing, Common Security Problems, and Case Study: A Secure Networked Application. These chapters are divided into three parts i.e Fundamentals, Design and Architecture, and Security.

linux networking programming

About the authors of linux networking programming:

Keir Davis was first presented to programming at 12 years old, when his dad brought home a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. Keir has been customizing from that point forward and now holds a graduate degree in software engineering from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Today, Keir is the proprietor of Xtern Software (, a supplier of custom programming improvement administrations to producers around the globe. As of late wedded, Keir and his significant other, Jennifer, live with their two pooches, Tess and Maggie, in North Carolina. At the point when not sitting before a PC, Keir appreciates playing racquetball.

John Turner is an application engineer and frameworks head in Detroit, Michigan, supporting the promoting and showcasing efforts of Fortune 50 customers. With more than two many years of PC encounter, John has planned and managed high-accessibility and blame tolerant frameworks for the car, medicinal services, and promoting enterprises. He coauthored the Apache Tomcat Security Handbook and is an Apache Group committer. He holds a four year college education in data frameworks. John’s industry advantages incorporate vintage equipment, open source, versatile figuring, and remote systems administration. His outside interests incorporate cultivating, DIY ventures, canines, history, reusing, tattoos, travel, and music organization.

Nathan Yocom has worn numerous caps in the IT business throughout the years. He as of now functions as a product design for Bynari, Inc., having some expertise in informing and groupware programming. With a four year certification in software engineering from Pacific Lutheran College, Nathan is additionally the fellow benefactor of XPA Systems ( and creator of pGina, an open source program that rearranges the Windows logon process by accommodating the confirmation of a client through various techniques.

Conclusion of linux networking programming:

The Definitive Guide to Linux Network Programming offers an unmistakable, succinct treatment of making customers and servers under the Linux working framework. This book expect that you know C and have encounter creating code on Linux, however it gives everything else you’ll require as a software engineer for genuine system programming.

Regardless of whether you’re a Windows engineer hoping to extend to Linux, or you’re a capable Linux designer hoping to fuse customer server programming into your applications, this book has an abundance of significant data to suit your necessities.


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