introduction to matlab pdf

November 10, 2017

introduction to matlab pdf is a book written Hans Petter Halvorsen in 1st november, 2016 by university collage of southeast norway. This book consists of 37 pages and contains 9 chapters starting from Introduction, Start using MATLAB, Matrices and Vectors, Scripts and functions – M Files, Flow Control, Plotting, Linear Algebra, Toolboxes, and Whats Next? and at the last quick reference. The copyright licensed belong to the university collage of southeast norway. This book have a complete knowledge of understanding the matlab from basics with a practical labs scenarios with full demonstration.

introduction to matlab pdf

About the author of introduction to matlab pdf:

Hans Petter Halvorse  is working at University College of Southeast Norway. At the University he is working as a Teaching, Research and Development, Programming and System Development, Laboratory Work and Data Acquisition within the area Industrial IT and Automation. He has a Bachelor degree in Process Automation from Østfold University College (Høgskolen i Øsfold) and a Master degree in Systems and Control Engineering(graduated from Telemark University College (Høgskolen i Telemark) in 1997). He has been working with Industrial IT for the last 12 years, and previously working at CARDIAC AS and Baze Technology AS (

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conclusion of introduction to matlab pdf:

MATLAB is a tool for technical computing, computation and visualization in an integrated  environment. Thi document explains the basic concepts in MATLAB. MATLAB is an abbreviation for MATrix LABoratory, so it is well suited for matrix  manipulation and problem solving related to Linear Algebra. MATLAB offers lots of additional Toolboxes for different areas such as Control Design, Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, etc.

With the help of this book anyone can easily understand the working background of matlab starting from basics to moderate level or advance level of knowledge.


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