Humanoid Robots pdf

January 1, 2018

Humanoid Robots pdf is a book edited by Riadh Zaier, published by InTech in 2011. This book contains 14 chapters divided into four parts and consists of 310 pages starting from Performing Periodic Tasks: On-Line Learning, Adaptation and Synchronization with External Signals, Autonomous Motion Adaptation Against Structure Changes Without Model Identification, Design of Oscillatory Neural Network for Locomotion Control of Humanoid Robots, Grasp Planning for a Humanoid Hand, Design of 5 D.O.F Robot Hand with an Artificial Skin for an Android Robot, Development of Multi-Fingered Universal Robot Hand with Torque Limiter Mechanism, Exoskeleton and Humanoid Robotic Technology in Construction and Built Environment, Affective Human-Humanoid Interaction
Through Cognitive Architecture, Speech Communication with Humanoids: How People React and How We Can Build the System, Implementation of a Framework for Imitation Learning on a Humanoid Robot Using a Cognitive Architecture, A Multi-Modal Panoramic Attentional Model for Robots and Applications, User, Gesture and Robot Behaviour Adaptation for Human-Robot Interaction, Learning Novel Objects for Domestic Service Robots, and Rob’s Robot: Current and Future Challenges for Humanoid Robots.

Humanoid Robots pdf

About the author of Humanoid Robots pdf:

Dr. Riadh Zaier is a Assistant Professor  at Sultan Qaboos University · Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Muscat, Oman. In Apr 1999 – Feb 2009 he was working as a Researcher Fujitsu Ltd. · Autonomous Systems Laboratory Kawasaki, Japan. In Apr 1996 – Mar 1999 he was working as a Teaching assistant Nagoya Institute of Technology · Department of Mechanical Engineering Nagoya-shi, Japan.

Conclusion of Humanoid Robots pdf:

A humanoid robot pdf is a robot with its body shape worked to look like the human body. The outline might be for utilitarian purposes, for example, collaborating with human devices and situations, for test purposes, for example, the investigation of al headway, or for different purposes. When all is said in done, humanoid robots have a middle, a head, two arms, and two legs, however a few types of humanoid robots may demonstrate just piece of the body, for instance, from the abdomen up. Some humanoid robot likewise have makes a beeline for duplicate human facial highlights, for example, eyes and mouths. Androids are humanoid robots worked to tastefully take after people.


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