Cutting Edge Robotics

December 31, 2017

Cutting Edge Robotics is a book written by Vedran Kordic, Aleksandar Lazinica and Munir Merdan published by  the plV pro literatur Verlag Robert Mayer-Scholz. This book contains 796 pages and consists of 45 chapters divided into 10 modules.

This Cutting Edge Robotics is the result of inspirations and contributions from many researchers worldwide. It presents a collection of wide range research results of robotics scientific community. Various aspects of current research in robotics area are explored and discussed. The book begins with researches in robot modelling & design, in which different approaches in kinematical, dynamical and other design issues of mobile robots are discussed. Second chapter deals with various sensor systems, but the major part of the chapter is devoted to robotic vision systems. Chapter III is devoted to robot navigation and presents different navigation architectures. The chapter IV is devoted to research on adaptive and learning systems in mobile robots area. The chapter V speaks about different application areas of multi-robot systems. Other emerging field is discussed in chapter VI – the human- robot interaction. Chapter VII gives a great tutorial on legged robot systems and one research overview on design of a humanoid robot.The different examples of service robots are showed in chapter VIII. Chapter IX is oriented to industrial robots, i.e. robot manipulators. Different mechatronic systems oriented on robotics are explored in the last chapter of the book.

conclusion of Cutting Edge Robotics:

Mechanical autonomy inquire about, particularly portable apply autonomy is a youthful field. Its underlying foundations incorporate many designing and logical orders from mechanical, electrical and hardware building to PC, subjective and sociologies. Each of this parent fields is energizing in its own specific manner and has its offer in various books. It shows an accumulation of an extensive variety of research brings about mechanical autonomy academic group. We trust you will appreciate perusing the book as much as we have delighted in uniting it for you.

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