computer information in marathi

April 24, 2019

computer information in marathi is a book which have all the information related to computer basics. In addition to it this book consist of 43 pages. Similarly, this book also contains 15 chapters. The first chapter is what is a computer? The 2nd chapter is hardware and software. Furthermore, the 3rd chapter is types of computers. The 4th chapter is hardware components. The 5th chapter is Main parts of computers. The 6th chapter is software component. However, the 7th chapter is Information network. The 8th chapter is computer accessories. The 9th chapter is uses of computer. The 10th chapter is create a good working environment. In Addition to it, the 11th chapter is health and safety precautions. The 12th chapter is value of backup. The 13th chapter is likes and dislikes of computer. Likewise the 14th chapter is computer virus. Lastly, the 15th chapter is software copyright.

computer information in marathi


The following are the chapters in this book

what is a computer?

Computer is an electronic device which can accept inputs and produce output in the form of information.

hardware and software:

Firstly, the hardware refers to the physical parts of the computer. The software are the instruction given to the computer.

types of computers:

The computer is divided into mainframe, mini, and micro computer.

hardware components:

The input and output are also the hardware components. In addition to components the bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes are also hardware components. A complete description is available in pdf at the end.

Main parts of computers:

The main parts of the computers are the RAM and ROM. The Cache memory is also consider as part of the computer.

software component:

Operating system are the software component of computer. The system and application software are also part of the software components. A complete description is available at the end of article.

Information network:

The LAN and WAN are part of the information network. The MAN is also consider as a part of the network. These networks comes under the geographic classification.

computer accessories:

The modem are one part of the computer accessories. The modem is also known as modulator and demodulator.

uses of computer:

Firstly the computer is can be used in home as well as in education. Office automation is also one of the uses of computer. Now the computer can also be used in daily life.

create a good working environment:

A good working environment are reason to take advantage of a computer.

health and safety precautions:

A safety precautions is also very important. Cable must be secure place. The power should not be overloaded.

Conclusion of computer information in marathi:

Likewise the previous one computer idea pdf, this computer information in marathi have all the concepts of computer. The marathi computer notes has a backup information. As backup is very crucial when failure of computer disk. Moreover there are things which computer likes such as ventilation and stability. While there are things which they dont likes such dust and hear and many more. In addition a computer virus is also one of aspect which could problem to the computer. The most important issue which is getting more importance is the software copyright. Be aware of freeware and shareware software. To conclude, this computer information in marathi covers all the basic concepts of computer.

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