computer fundamentals pdf

May 5, 2019

computer fundamentals pdf is a book written by pradeep k. sinha and priti sinha. This book consists of 21 chapters. Also it contains 818 pages. This book is completely free of cost. This book is prepare for all of the ages. It has all the concept and definition of it. Furthermore, this book is useful for bachelor level students. This books give us and idea of how computer works. Similarly, this book prepare you for further courses. This book give us a life cycle of computer. It also explain how the computer memory works. It give all the basic level of knowledge. This book has atmost level of knowledge that it can have. Lets discuss the chapter of these chapters.

computer fundamentals pdf

Chapters of computer fundamentals pdf:

The following are the chapters of this book.

1: Introduction:

This chapter consists of 17 pages. Furthermore, this chapter explain how computer and data processing works. It also explain the characteristics and history of computer. The complete details is available at the end of the book.

2: Basic Computer Organization:

This chapter explain all the basic operation performed by the computer. It also teaches how the input, output, and storage function perform by the computer.

3: Number System:

The number system is of particular importance. Firstly it explains the position and non position number system. Than all the basic number system like decimal, binary, octal, and hexadecimal number.

4: Computer Codes:

This chapter consists of 30 pages. Understanding the computer codes are one of the difficult things. So this chapter explains how computer codes works. Also the representation of data in binary codes.

5: Computer Arithmetic:

The Manipulation are one of the important things in computer world. So all the basics manipulation such arithmetic, subtraction, multiplication, and division are perform here.

6: Boolean Algebra:

In this chapter you will learn the basic logic gates. Also the fundamentals of boolean algebra. Furthermore, combination circuit and sequential will also be learn.

7: Processor And Memory:

This chapter explain the internal and memory structure of processor. It also explain the speed and capacity of memory and processor.

8: Secondary Storage:

The accessing mechanisms are sequential and direct access for secondary storage is explain here. The storage devices such as magnetic tapes, magnetic disk and optical will learn here.

9: IO Devices:

All the input and output devices and their operation is explain here. Also explain other concepts related to i/o device.

10: Computer Software:

The software are very important things in computer. As software provide an interface between user and hardware. Also the firmware and middle is discuss here.

11: Planning the Computer Program:

The algorithm, pseudocode, and flowchart are explain here. Similarly, the common tools for planning the computer program.

12: Computer Languages:

This chapter explains about he different languages of computer. Furthermore. the assembler, compiler, linker, and interpreter explain in details. Moreover, some popular languages like c, c++, java, and basic are also there.

13: System Implementation and Operations:

The system operation like dubbing, testing, evaluation are part of this chapter. The maintenance is also part of this chapter.

14: Operating System:

The operating system are the most part of computer. As operating system provides an interface between user and hardware. The different operating system is also discuss here.

15: Application Software Packages:

Application software are very important for computer. The different application packages are explain in details.

16: Business Data Processing:

Data and information are the two most important factors in computer. The data needs to be converted into information. All of these things are discuss in this chapter.

17: Data Communication and Computer Networks:

Communication are the main source of networks. To share resources data need to be communicated. All the communication and networking topics are discuss here.

18: Internet:

The public network called the network. In addition, the world wide web and its uses. Also the uses of internet. All of these things are discuss here.

19: Multimedia:

The multimedia and its uses are discuss here. Also its association and components are discuss here.

20: Classification of Computers:

The classification of computer. The common computer used today. Features of computers. You will learn all of these things in this chapter.

21: Introduction to C Language:

The basics of C language. The data type and its variables. In addition, the function and loops of c language. Also how to write your first program. Furthermore, the complete details is available in the book.


Like the previous one generation of computer 1st to 5th , this computer fundamentals pdf has all the details it have. It is the computer fundamentals notes. Also it is called the computer basics for beginners pdf. It is a free download basic computer books pdf for all. It has a basic knowledge of computer pdf download. You can also called it the computer fundamentals ppt. To conclude, this introduction computer notes pdf have all the basic to advance level of knowledge.

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