ccc computer course notes pdf

August 10, 2018

ccc computer course notes pdf is a book written by basant group of institution. This book contains 11 pages and consists of 38 topics starting from Internet. The 2nd topic is intranet. The 3rd topic is Local area network (LAN). The 4th topic is Metropolitan area network (MAN). The 5th topic is Wide area network (WAN). The 6th topic is Campus area network. The 7th topic is Personal area network (PAN). The 8th topic is Desk Area Network (DAN). The 9th topic is Topology. The 10th topic is Mesh topology. The 11th topic is Star Topology. The 12th topic is Twisted Pair. The 13th topic is Unshielded Twisted Pair cable. The 14th topic is Shielded Twisted Pair cable. The 15th topic is  Coaxial Cable. The 16th topic is Fiber optics. The 17th topic is Radio waves.

In addition, the 18th topic is ISDN ( integrated services digital network). The 19th topic is Packet Switching. The 20th topic is Circuit switching. The 21st topic is  Multiplexing. The 22nd topic is protocol. The 23rd topic is URL. The 24th topic is TCP. The 25th topic is IP. The 26th topic is HTML. The 27th topic is HTTP. The 28th topic is SMTP. The 29th topic is FTP. The 30th topic is Client. The 31st topic is Server. The 32nd topic is Electronic mail. The 33rd topic is Web browser. The 34th topic is cookies. The 35th topic is Search engine. The 36th topic is Social networking service. Last but not the least the 37th topic is Facebook. Last but not the least the 38th topic is Twitter.

ccc computer course notes pdf

About the ccc computer course notes pdf book:

BASANT GROUP OF INSTITUTION ( Run B.S.W. Instructive Scciety ) had been built up in the year 1995 and was introduced by Late Prof. Raghunath (HOD Electronics , IT-BHU Varanasi) on fifteenth of August. One of the real push zones of BCC is improvement of Human Resources in Hi.Teck zones to coordinate with the difficulties emerging because of high pace of progression of Computer Technology, amplification and assortment of utilization fields and with this exertion in 1996 it was among the principal association in the India to end up the licensee of ET and T Computer Education and Training Divison ( Under Department of Information Technology , Govt. of India to give PC education. Moreover, Since then it has set its blemish on furnishing the best IT training with the least expense structure.

In addition, BASANT COMPUTER Center is license community for DOEACC ‘O’, ‘A’, ‘B’ Level courses under ACCR No.- O1043, Full No. – O310, ACCR No. – A0235, Full No. – 0093 and ACCR No. – B0116, BPROV No. 0097 individually.

In addition, the B.S.W. Educational Society is enlist under the Society Act 1860 and set up in 1995 with the order to attempt and elevate IT to convey the products of data Technology to each stroll of life and upgrade the aggressiveness of the IT industry. Furthermore, Since then the general public has been executing diverse IT training programs under it’s instructional hubs i.e. Basant Computer Center (BCC) and Sant Lal Institute of Management and Information Technology (SLIM-IT). Moreover, Apart from this, Basant Technosoft ( Run by B.S.W. Educational Society) is bestowing programming improvement, preparing, administration and research programs. Lastly, Basant Classes is giving, instruction for preparing and improvement of PMT, IIT-JEE, AIEEE and UPSEAT competitors through our classroom programs.

Conclusion of ccc computer course notes pdf:

Like the previous one videopad video editor key, this ccc computer course notes pdf  provide the basic elements in computer science world. This ccc notes in english explain the global internet easily. Moreover, ccc study material in english explains the intranet with geographic area networks. Furthermore, this computer basic course book pdf in english can also explain the topology with wired and wireless networks. To conclude, this ccc exam book in gujarati pdf provides all the basic knowledge of computer world.

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