c programming exercises

July 20, 2018

c programming exercises is a book written by S. Anandamurugan by Laxmi publication pvt, Ltd. in 2011. This book contains 292 pages and consists of 7 chapters starting from C Concept. The 2nd chapter is Introduction – C Programs. The 3rd chapter is Fundamentals – C Programs. The 4th chapter is C Debugging. The 5th chapter is Sample Questions. The 6th chapter is Short Questions and Answers. Last but not the least, the 7th chapter is Questions. This book is proudly sponsored by University Science press working under the laxmi publication private limited. The complete details about the publisher is giving in the book with contact information and email address.

c programming exercises

About the author of c programming exercises:

Dr.S. ANANDAMURUGAN is phd doctor, prior to his phd he had ME and BE in Information Technology. Dr. Anandamurugan has a 17 years of teaching experience. In these 17 years he has published 1 national journals, 33 international journals, 14 national conferences, and 6 international conferences. In addition he published a maximum of 77 books. Moreover, he has 1 funded research project and 1 funded programs. He won numerous awards during his life, being the latest one is Best Computer Science Faculty for year 2016 from ASDF, USA. He won the Best Outstanding Faculty award from Top Engineers, Chennai for the year of 2016 to 2017. Furthermore, he also won the Best author, Best paper, and Best staff during his life time. His area of interest is Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things.

c programming exercises

In addition, he has published many book being the new one is An Overview of Internet of Things in Germany 2017. The Life Time Improvement Schemes for Sensor Networks published by Lambert Academic Publishing in 2017. Moreover, he has attended various seminar and workshops such as about MongoDB, Hacking tools and Wireless sensor networks. Furthermore, he has conducted a Ruby for Beginners, Oracle 11i, Oracle 10, Joomla, Photoshop and Flash value added courses. Also he has been invited for different lecturer talks, sessions and chairs. He also has a numerous consultancy activities, refreeship, conferences and editorship of different journals.

Conclusion of c programming exercises:

Like the previous one c programming questions pdf, this c programming exercises give us a rich gathering of projects. These c programming questions and answers program that bolstered the hypothetical ideas are given in an extensive number of to enable understudies to comprehend the idea better. In addition, this c programming exercises with solutions pdf will be helpful for student of BE, MCA, BCA, MSC and BSC which have c programming dialect as a component of the course. This c programming advanced exercises manages the crucial idea of C language. This c programming practice problems with solutions also centers around introduction to c programming. This programming exercises for beginners gives point by point program on next level to the basic c programming. This c programming exercises pdf centers around C debugging. The c programming exercises online manages the straightforward C questions ans answers.

This programming problems for beginners deals with short questions and answers. The primary point of this c programming exercises is give most extreme direction to understudies, staff and research researchers. Proposal and suggestion are taking into an action.

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