arihant ccc book pdf

September 21, 2018

arihant ccc book pdf is a book written by arun sarkari in july 2018. This book consists of 184 pages and contains 9 chapters starting from Introduction to Computer. The 2nd Chapter is Introduction to GUI based Operating System. The 3rd chapter is Elements of Word Processing. The 4th chapter is Spreadsheet. The 5th chapter is Computer Communication and Internet. The 6th chapter is Www and Web Browser. The 7th chapter is Communication and Collaboration. The 8th chapter is Making Small Presentations. Last but not the least the 9th chapter is Keyboard shortcuts and Abbreviations. But before than these chapters there is preface and Syllabus, Application Forma and Online Examination. At the end of this chapters there is a list of Question papers 1 and question paper 2 and upto question paper 5( solved).

This book is published by T. Balaji publication Allahabad, colonel ganj allahabad. The other Co-author of this book is pradip kumar mishra.

arihant ccc book pdf

About the Authors of arihant ccc book pdf:

Arun shukla is currently a Simon Ostrach Professor in University of Rhode Island, Kingston. He has achieved many awards and achievements during his career. He started his career in 1976 from Design Engineer, Voltas Ltd., India. In addition to his career he join the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur as visiting professor. After that he further join the URI as a professor and still is working their. He won the Fellow of the American Academy of Mechanics in 2001. Similarly in 2012 he won multiple awards such as Taylor Award for Technical Excellence in Optical Stress Analysis, Tatnall Award for Long and Distinguished Service, College of Engineering Faculty Excellence Award and many more. His research areas include Experimental and Theoretical Mechanics, Blast Mitigation, Optical Methods, Fracture Mechanics, Composite Materials, Nano Materials, Wave Propagation, and Impact Mechanics and Elasticity.

Pradip kumar mishra is Working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engginering  at Sharda Unversity. He has more than 11 years of experience. He hold a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) from Sharda University. Similarly his area of interest is Computer Science and Computer Simulation. Likewise he won the Excellence in Teaching from sharda University. He has published two papers in International and four research papers. Currently he is a life time Member Of MRSI. Furthermore, he has different set of skills such as Networking, C Programming, and Nanotechnolgy.

Conclusion of arihant ccc book pdf:

Like the previous one nielit ccc book pdf, this arihant ccc book pdf is ideally suited for beginners who wants to learn from basics. Similarly this ccc book arihant free will teaches about the application and abjective of computer. Likewise this book ccc book arihant hindi explains the basic GUI, buttons, type of file management and many more. The arihant ccc book can help you on the overall Microsoft office program suite. This ccc book in hindi download will help you to understand all the topology basics and how the search engines works. The arihant ccc book pdf download teaches about the Electron Email  with different techniques. Lastly this ccc book will let you know all the abbreviation, shortcuts and terminology. Last but not the least this book is complete package of knowing all the basic of computer.


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