2nd generation of computer

April 26, 2019

2nd generation of computer start from 1954 to 1964. The second generation of computer is the era of transistors. In addition it also the ear of compact size as compared to vacuum tubes. The first computer bug also found in this ear. The bug was founded by grace murray hopper. The processing speed of the computer became fast. The computer at this are using batch processing. The programming languages like FORTON and COBOL are the main languages. Furthermore, the magnetic core were using as a primary memory. The Magnetic disk and tapes are the secondary memory. As the 2nd generation is cheap but still very much costly. This topic is composed of four sub topics. Lets discuss these topic in details.

2nd generation of computer

Chapter of 2nd generation of computer:

The following are the list of chapter in this topic:

  • Era of transistors:

The transistors is used in this generation instead of vacuum tubes. Furthermore, this transistor was invented in 1947 by AT & T bell laboratory. There are three scientists who built this. The first scientist is John bardeen. The second scientist is william shockley. Also the third scientist is walter brattain. The IBM System 7000 series uses transistor. This computer uses the FORTON, and COBOL programming language. The FORTON has many version from 4 to 77. The other computer who uses transistor is CDC 3000 and 1604 series. Also the UNIVAC 1107 series is the transistor computer. This computer has a 4 microsecond cycle time speed. It is 36 bit architecture. It also has a 600 lines per minute of printing speed. The complete detail is available at the end of the book.

  • Disadvantages of Vacuum tubes:

As vacuum tubes are large in space which requires more space and electricity. Moreover, the vacuum tubes are also not reliable. The vacuum tubes also requires cooling system. A complete description is available at the end of the download.

  • Characteristics of 2nd generation of computers:

The second generation of computers are smaller in size and weight. These gen of computer are using instruction for software. These instruction are English like statement for COBOL and FORTON. These computers are smaller, cheap, reliable, and less power. In addition the first second generation of computer are used in the atomic energy industry. The IBM 1401 is the most famous of this time in 1959.

  • 1st computer bug:

The founding father of the first computer bug is Grace Murray. First time in the world the debugging word is develop. It is because of the second generation of computer.


Like the Previous one what is computer pdf , the 2nd generation of computer history has contribute to digital world. This topic has a complete generation of computer notes. The second generation of computer has feature circuit board. It have a famous programming language like FORTON and COBOL. The FORTON 4 is approve by USASI. The FORTON 77 is approve by ANSI. The COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language. Furthermore, the COBOL is famous for business applications. The generation of computer pdf also have a IBM 1620. To conclude, this generation of computer has did it to the world that it can do.

2nd generation of computer

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