data communication and networking notes
Network / May 7, 2019

data communication and networking notes written for CS601 course. This book consists of 244 pages and contains 45 lectures. Data communication is very important for networking. This students is prepare for graduate students. It help the students to understand the advance topics. Furthermore, after studying this book you will have a moderate level of knowledge. Likewise this course will move you further to study it. Before starting this course you will have some knowledge to basic things. Like the input, output, keyboard, mouse, and memory unit. This topic will teach you through advance topics. Lets discuss the chapter of this book. Chapter of data communication and networking notes: The following are the chapters of this book. Lecture 1: This chapter consists of data communication and history of communication. It also teaches about the features of data communication. Lecture 2: This book teaches about key terminology and problems in networking. It also explain the network criteria and application. Lecture 3: This chapter consists of communication task and explain protocol. It also contain the protocol architecture and characteristics of protocol. Lecture 4: This chapter teaches the De Facto and De Jure standard for protocol. All the standards for communication is explain here….