computer fundamentals pdf
Computer Science / May 5, 2019

computer fundamentals pdf is a book written by pradeep k. sinha and priti sinha. This book consists of 21 chapters. Also it contains 818 pages. This book is completely free of cost. This book is prepare for all of the ages. It has all the concept and definition of it. Furthermore, this book is useful for bachelor level students. This books give us and idea of how computer works. Similarly, this book prepare you for further courses. This book give us a life cycle of computer. It also explain how the computer memory works. It give all the basic level of knowledge. This book has atmost level of knowledge that it can have. Lets discuss the chapter of these chapters. Chapters of computer fundamentals pdf: The following are the chapters of this book. 1: Introduction: This chapter consists of 17 pages. Furthermore, this chapter explain how computer and data processing works. It also explain the characteristics and history of computer. The complete details is available at the end of the book. 2: Basic Computer Organization: This chapter explain all the basic operation performed by the computer. It also teaches how the input, output, and storage function perform by the computer….