3rd generation of computer
Computer History / April 28, 2019

The 3rd generation of computer belong to the time of 1965-1971. It was the time of interacted circuits (ICs) instead of transistors. The founder of these ICs are Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. It is also known as microchip or chips. The interacted circuits is a combination of capacitor, transistors, and resistors. The speed of this generation of computer has dramatically increased. These system are also very efficient as compared to 2nd gen. The 3rd generation has an operating system. This is a big achievements. It allows many application to run at the same time. The mouse and keyboard were introduced to world for the first time. It has a monitor memory control by the central program. The languages that is part of the 3rd generation are FORTRAN-2 to 4, COBOL, PASCAL PL/1, BASIC, ALGOL-68 etc. Chapters of 3rd generation of computer: The following are the chapters of this book. A Definition of “Operating System”: The operating system is introduce for the first time in 3rd generation of computer. Furthermore, as operating system is the supervisor of all the activity. The complete details is available at the end of the book. Types of Systems: A varieties of system is upgraded…

2nd generation of computer
Computer History / April 26, 2019

2nd generation of computer start from 1954 to 1964. The second generation of computer is the era of transistors. In addition it also the ear of compact size as compared to vacuum tubes. The first computer bug also found in this ear. The bug was founded by grace murray hopper. The processing speed of the computer became fast. The computer at this are using batch processing. The programming languages like FORTON and COBOL are the main languages. Furthermore, the magnetic core were using as a primary memory. The Magnetic disk and tapes are the secondary memory. As the 2nd generation is cheap but still very much costly. This topic is composed of four sub topics. Lets discuss these topic in details. Chapter of 2nd generation of computer: The following are the list of chapter in this topic: Era of transistors: The transistors is used in this generation instead of vacuum tubes. Furthermore, this transistor was invented in 1947 by AT & T bell laboratory. There are three scientists who built this. The first scientist is John bardeen. The second scientist is william shockley. Also the third scientist is walter brattain. The IBM System 7000 series uses transistor. This computer uses…

what is computer pdf
Computer Science / April 25, 2019

what is computer pdf is a book written by ACHARYA N.G.RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY. This book is written for STCA-301 Course. Furthermore this book has two main chapters. The first chapter is Theory. The second chapter is Practicals. This book consists of 55 pages. The part has 16 topics. The practicals part has also 16 topics. The official name of the book is Introduction to computer application. In addition this book can have an immanence knowledge of representation. Moreover this book have a good set of practicals. Lets explain the chapters of this books in details. Chapters of what is computer pdf: The following are the list of chapters: 1: Theory Introduction computer: Computer is an electronic device which can accept data and produce output. Data is the raw facts and figure. Information is organize form of data. A complete information is available in the book at the end. Anatomy of Computers: Anatomy of computer means the Input, output, and central processing unit. The anatomy also means block diagram of computer. Overview of Output devices of Computer: The output device are results shown on the screen. This part also discusses about the memory, processor, and speed. Types of Software: This chapter…

computer information in marathi
Computer Science / April 24, 2019

computer information in marathi is a book which have all the information related to computer basics. In addition to it this book consist of 43 pages. Similarly, this book also contains 15 chapters. The first chapter is what is a computer? The 2nd chapter is hardware and software. Furthermore, the 3rd chapter is types of computers. The 4th chapter is hardware components. The 5th chapter is Main parts of computers. The 6th chapter is software component. However, the 7th chapter is Information network. The 8th chapter is computer accessories. The 9th chapter is uses of computer. The 10th chapter is create a good working environment. In Addition to it, the 11th chapter is health and safety precautions. The 12th chapter is value of backup. The 13th chapter is likes and dislikes of computer. Likewise the 14th chapter is computer virus. Lastly, the 15th chapter is software copyright. Chapters: The following are the chapters in this book what is a computer? Computer is an electronic device which can accept inputs and produce output in the form of information. hardware and software: Firstly, the hardware refers to the physical parts of the computer. The software are the instruction given to the computer….

computer idea pdf
Computer Idea / April 23, 2019

Computer idea pdf is one of the activities which are going throughout the life span of computer. As computer learning is a long process. The computer activities has a well set of instructions and roles. Likewise it has a set of background activities. The computer activity has a problem to solve for a particular activity. In addition, there are images to explain the idea of computer. The computer idea came into the history when the Chinese built its calculating device abacus. After that a series of different computer devices came into existence. Therefore, the computer idea came into world for modernizing the world. The computer idea is divided into important topics to understand better. Similarly it has a well define topics for reader to learn. Chapter of Computer Idea pdf: The following are the list of computer idea with a little explanation. 1: Representation of Data: The data representation of data is divided into seven sub topics. The 1st topic is Binary numbers. The 2nd topic is Image representation. The 3rd topic is Text Compression. The 4th topic is Error Detection. The 5th topic is Information Theory. The 6th topic is Sound Representation. Lastly, the end topic in first chapter…