c programming questions pdf
Programming / July 20, 2018

c programming questions pdf is a book written by Dr. Estell’s in 14 June 1996. This book contains 231 pages and consists of  107 chapters starting from helloworld, The 2nd chapter is example of compilation errors. The 3rd chapter is using the debugger, The 4th chapter is integers. The 5th chapter is data types demonstration. The 6th chapter is size of data types. The 7th chapter is using header files and define statements. The 8th chapter is avoiding the scanf problem. The 9th chapter is integer division and modulo arithmetic. The 10th chapter is reverse.c – another integer arithmetic example. The 11th chapter is using the math library and examples of IEEE floating point. The 12th chapter is random number generation. The 13th chapter is bounded integer input routine. The 14th chapter is  solving recurrence relations. The 15th chapter is function library for complex numbers. The 16th chapter is using complex numbers. The 17th chapter is how to shoot a rubber band. The 18th chapter is relational operations. The 19th chapter is using loops to process arrays. The 20th chapter is character processing – conversion to lower case. The 21st chapter is comma operator. The 22nd chapter is character processing – frequency analysis. The 23rd chapter is counting characters. The 24th chapter is counting lines. The 25th chapter is wrong way to count words. The…

c programming book by balaguruswamy pdf
Programming / July 15, 2018

c programming book by balaguruswamy pdf is a book written by E. balaguruswamy, published by Ansi in 2000’s. This book contain 221 pages and consists of 14 chapters starting from abstract Data Types – Information Hiding. The 2nd chapter is Dynamic Linkage – Generic Functions. The 3rd chapter is Programming Savvy – Arithmetic Expressions. The 4th chapter is Inheritance – Code Reuse and Refinement. The 5th chapter is Programming Savvy – Symbol Table. The 6th chapter is Class Hierarchy — Maintainability. The 7th chapter is ooc Preprocessor – Enforcing a Coding Standard. The 8th chapter is Dynamic Type Checking – Defensive Programming. The 9th chapter is Static Construction – Self-Organization. The 10th chapter is Delegates – Callback Functions. The 11th chapter is Class Methods – Plugging Memory Leaks. The 12th chapter is Persistent Objects – Storing and Loading Data Structures. The 13th chapter is Exceptions – Disciplined Error Recovery. Last but not the least the 14th and last chapter is Forwarding Messages – A GUI Calculator. At the end of the chapter there is a list of annexure such as ANSI-C Programming Hints, The ooc Preprocessor – Hints on awk Programming, and Manual. About the author of c programming book by balaguruswamy pdf: Dr. E Balagurusamy has a ME (Hons.) in Electrical Engineering, a Ph.D in…

programming in visual basic 2010 pdf
Basic / July 12, 2018

programming in visual basic 2010 pdf is a book written by Jim McKeown, published by Cambridge University Press in 2010. This book contains 713 pages and consists of 15 chapters starting from Fundamentals of Design and Programming – Starting from Scratch. The 2nd chapter is Variables and Constants – A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place. The 3rd chapter is Writing Programs – First You Walk, Then You Run. The 4th chapter is Writing Programs II – More Controls and New Logic. The 5th chapter is Using If and Case – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. The 6th chapter is Loops – Once Is Not Enough. The 7th chapter is Procedures and Functions – Divide and Conquer. The 8th chapter is Writing Programs III – Tying It All Together, So Far. The 9th chapter is File I/O – Files and Records and Fields, Oh My!. In addition, the 10th chapter is Arrays and Structures – Organizing Data. The 11th chapter is Events and More Controls – Tips and Tricks for Programming. The 12th chapter is Objects and Classes – Objects Are in a Class By Themselves. The 13th chapter is Graphics – The Visual (and Audio) Side of Visual Basic. The 14th chapter is LINQ to SQL – The World Runs on Databases. Last but not…

visual basic programs with codes and output pdf
Basic / July 8, 2018

visual basic programs with codes and output pdf is a book used for learning visual basic 6. This material consists of 27 pages and contains 3 information sheets and 15 examples sheets starting from The Visual Basic Interface. The 2nd Information Sheet is The toolbar and Properties Window. The 3rd information sheet is Making your program readable. In addition, the 1st example sheet is Scribble program. The 2nd example sheet is Local variables. The 3rd example sheet is Data Types. The 4th example sheet is More Data Types. The 5th example sheet is Control structures. The 6th example sheet is Loops. The 7th example sheet is Loop and Count. The 8th example sheet is IF Then Else. The 9th example sheet is Do… Loop Until. The 10th example sheet is Input Validation. The 11th example sheet is Functions. The 12th example sheet is Random Numbers. The 13th example sheet is Conditional Statements inside a loop. The 14th example sheet is Arrays. Last but not the least the 15th example sheet is More Input Validation. At the of the book there is also visual basic reference sheet. About the visual basic programs with codes and output pdf: Firstly, the visual basic programs with codes and output pdf will show you the default GUI of the visual basic….

learn visual basic pdf
Basic / July 7, 2018

learn visual basic pdf is a book written by Dr. Liew Voon Kiong, published in 2010. This book contains 208 and consists of 25 chapters starting from Introduction to Visual Basic 2010. In addition, the 2nd chapter is Designing the Interface. The 3rd chapter is Writing the Code. The 4th chapter is Managing VB2010 Data. The 5th chapter is Performing Mathematical Operations. The 6th chapter is String Manipulation. Similarly, the 7th chapter is Controlling Program Flow. The 8th chapter is Select Case Control Structure. The 9th chapter is Looping. Furthermore, the 10th chapter is An Introduction to Functions. The 11th chapter is String Functions. The 12th chapter is Mathematical Functions. In addition, the 13th chapter is Formatting Functions. The 14th chapter is Formatting Date and Time. The 15th chapter is Creating User-Define Functions. Furthermore, the 16th chapter is Using Advanced controls. The 17th chapter is Creating a Simple Web Browser. The 18th chapter is Errors Handling. The 19th chapter is Reading and write Files. The 20th chapter is Creating and Managing Graphics. The 21st chapter is Creating Arrays. The 22nd chapter is Using Timer. The 23rd chapter is Creating Animation. The 24th chapter is Adding Menus and Toolbar. Last but not the least, the 25th chapter is Packaging Applications for Distribution. About the author of learn visual basic pdf: Dr. Liew Voon Kiong holds a…